In this article I’m going to talk about forum back links, what are they, how are they made, what benefit they have, and are they spammy.

What are forum links?

Forum links are links that are created in a forum post.

How to make forum links?

You can’t just start spamming forums with your links, there is a process.

  1. Create an email account gmails, yahoo, etc
  2. Create a user on a forum 
  3. Let the account age
  4. Post 5 or so times before you post your link 
  5. Again let your account age before you do anything else
  6. You must include the link in a way that seems natural

So for example, if you’re a photographer and trying to get backlinks to your photography website, you could include links to one of your photos on your site and ask a question in the forum about how to create the photos you’re posting

5. Just leaving a link in your forum profile, may not give you a do follow link, how ever there is a better chance that your link in the forum will be a do follow link and this is what you want. The reason for this is that the forum sites know that people will generate 1000’s of do follow links from just creating profile on the forum.

Google has said that they don’t approve of this kind of link building, but then again they don’t approve of pretty much anything that helps the SEO on your site, so what can you expect.

What are the benefit of forum links?

Forum links do hold power when they are are do follow links. In general because forums are used by 1000’s of people, the likelihood of that site getting backlinks from people referencing things on the forum is high. So these sites usually have a high DR and other good metrics that Google will like, and will reward your site with good SEO link juice. Forum links were one of the earliest ways to create spammy links, done correctly these will pass SEO link juice. Google is aware of this so forum profiles that start linking straight away hold less weight in the algorithm than profile that leave it a few months before linking. Google is also aware of the accounts that stop posting after the first link is made, so they do track these things in great detail.

What is forum link relevancy?

If you’re a photographer and start posting links into cooking forums, or dog grooming forums, these sites don’t hold as much relevancy a photography forums as they arn’t as relevant. You can ofcourse post in to the Cooking or dog grooming forums, but your time is better spend in the forums that are relevant, plus its hard linking to one of your forums and it not being caught as spam by the other users in the forum. Something else about this type of link building is that almost anyone can build these links, which means you can get a VA to create these links.

Are forum backlinks spammy?

Well like anything it depends, if you just go in and spam your links without any kind of building of the profile then yes these will be determined as spam to most people, but if you join and participate in the forum before posting any links then most people won’t see this as being spamming.