What are backlinks?

I’ll just cover the basics for anyone that doesn’t know what these are or needs a refresher what backlinks are. So a backlink is a link from another site pointing to your site. A link can come from almost any source:

Website backlink

News media backlink

Blogger Backlink

Youtube backlinks 

Facebook backlinks 

Twitter backlinks 

Different types of backlinks

A dofollow backlink is a link that does pass link juice.

A nofolllow backlink is a link that doesn’t pass any link juice 

The reason why we have dofollow and nofollow is because certain black hat SEOs will use a site just for the link juice that it passes and nothing else, shocking I know. 

When this happens the site that has dofollow outbound links, is then filled with low quality content, and it becomes difficult to manage all the spam. So the site’s webmaster will set the site to give only outbound nofollow links. Setting a site’s outbound links to nofollow limits the amount of superficial low quality content made on the site. This only does so much to slow the black hat links appearing on a site, because people will still create these links, but it helps.

Google still rewards your site if you get nofollow links, you just don’t get as much link juice but they are used in the Google algorithm. As part of a link building strategy it’s important to have nofollow links in the backlink profile as well as dofollow backlinks. Having a good mixture of the 2 has an overall natural look. Having only dofollow links doesn’t look natural to Google and thus they can look into your site if they deem it has artificial link building. If they find out you’re creating links in an unnatural way they will give you a penalty, which means no longer appearing on page 1 of Google.

Where do cheap backlinks come from?

Cheap backlinks are usually from places such as:

Low quality Web 2.0 backlinks

Low quality PBN backlinks

Low quality directorys 

Google looks at 1000’s of factors when deciding if a backlink is quality or not, so it’s hard to fool Google, who has some of the best engineers in the world.

What do cheap backlinks look like.

This varies, from a backlink appearing in a profile of a web 2.0, to 100’s being on the same page. A page that has 100’s of outbound links on the same page dilutes the link juice being sent to a site. A page with this many backlinks also raises alarm bells with Google as this obviously looks like backlinks are being sold, again another indicator that your acquiring backlinks in an unnatural way. 

Do cheap backlinks work?

In most cases they won’t, and when they do work, the longevity is short lived. The Google web crawler can only see so much of the web, so there are going to be some websites that send cheap backlinks straight to their money site with great effect.

Eventually over time, Google will have more crawl budget to crawl your website, or the rankings of your site start placing it on page 1, which again allows Google to crawl the site. 

When Google crawls your site the likelihood that it will find the cheap backlinks is high. There is still a slim chance that cheap back links will have a positive impact on your SEO, but this is only a slim chance and isn’t worth the risk.

Some SEO guru’s who will remain nameless have been caught sending cheap back links to their client’s websites, and this has landed them in court, so if your’re going to let your SEO agency build back links for you it’s best to do your own due diligence and look at the backlinks that are being setup. You can check your backlink profile by using sites such as:



Majstic SEO

We’ll always give you a break down of the backlinks we’re giving you and some of our processes, so that you can have confidence in our services.

Where can you buy cheaplinks from?




These sites have probably the highest concentration of sellers, selling the worst backlinks on the web. Warning signals come in the form of “I will give you 1,000,000 backlinks within 24 hours”. A gig like this seems like the best offer in the world right, I can buy 1 link for £500 or I can buy 1,000,000 cheap backlinks for $5, I mean what a bargain, why do I even need an SEO agency when it’s this easy. Ok please be our guest and watch your rankings tank.

Fiverr sellers can often have 1000’s and I mean 1000’s of positive reviews. So from a superficial view it looks like this is a good gig to buy, but this isn’t the case, all of these reviews will be coming from people that don’t know anything about SEO. People who are learning SEO will buy link packages like this because they don’t know any better, they will test the links out on a domain to see if it moves the needle so to speak, only to find out the needle doesn’t move at all, a little bit, or the links work but then the rankings are lost shortly after getting gained.

Cheap backlink sellers can lower the cost of backlinks by removing your backlink after a set period of time, once you’ve paid. The seller then replaces the backlink with another backlink to another site that isn’t your site, so they can keep charging for backlinks. There is almost nothing you can do about this, you could complain to Fiverr but once you’ve paid and the seller then makes a new profile on Fiverr what are you going to do after that? For sure you can’t go to Google about this, and you should never tell Google you’re buying backlinks anyway.

A fiverr seller might also sell you a backlink that is advertised at a very high Domain Rating (DR) but DR can be manipulated to show a higher rating in AHrefs.

The seller will say they are creating the link manually which means you might get a better boost from the link, but in reality they are using automated tools. Google can see when an automation tool is being used.

Cheap backlink content

Content that is made to go with the backlink you purchase often is low quality. The content could be copied and pasted from another website triggering a duplicate content penalty from Google. The content might be spun content using tools such as:




Google is able to see this low quality content more and more these days and it’s getting harder and harder to get away with using these content creators. While Google might not see it all the time, the chances that you get a manual check from a Google employee is possible. Google’s algorithm is constantly changing and getting better all the time. Google is working on quantum computing, and may well be using this new technology to spot this low quality content. Spending the time to create real content based on your expertise is ideal.

Should I ever buy cheap backlinks?

Yes, but not pointing straight at your money site. Let’s say you get a backlinks from a media agency like www.dailymail.com, then yes ofcourse you can send cheap backlinks to the article linking back to your site. This is called a tier 2 link and Google finds it difficult working out if they should give you a penalty or not, so spam all you want, you will get a boost. If the article does get a penalty it doesn’t have an effect on your site so you’re safe. There have been changes in Google’s algorithm, and they often do allow certain types of cheap backlink as sometimes sending millions of cheap backlinks to a site can be a negative SEO attack, and Google doesn’t know the difference so will ignore the links without a penalty. 

So sending cheap backlinks to your site is ricky and should be avoided.