Google ads strategy summery

The next few paragraphs might save you time reading the whole Google Ads strategy document.

Turning on the Google Ads campaign is the easy part, bringing down the cost per customer acquisition leading to a sale is the more difficult part. So what I’m writing about here isn’t just turning on Google Ads it’s a marketing funnel which makes the best use of the marketing budget for Google Ads.

I’ll need to do the keyword research again to make sure we have the best keywords. Populate the negative keywords list with more negative keywords there are always standard negative keywords you can enter. As well as targeting correctly. I’d be interested in re-targeting people who haven’t decided on working with us. At the moment I’m redesigning the website to increase conversions when people land on our pages, the current site could be much higher converting.

A lot of what I’ll be doing through running Google ads campaigns is simply tracking metrics, while managing to keep the cost down through budgeting and mitigations.
In an ideal world its best to wait till we have the new site up and running with a functional marketing funnel that we can nurture with an email campagin. Google Ads strategy
If you want to get started quickly, I’d like to begin with a DC migration campaign, as I’m most familiar with this service.

  1. Keyword research

I need to look through what the competitors are targeting, and then discuss with you if we can use any of these keywords, as there could be keywords that might be more optimal.
I want to create a starter list of keywords that seem to be a success based on previous campaign data.
There are new keywords that I want to test with
Bellclarke verses company X
People typing in these types of keyword phrases are at the end of the
funnel they’re ready to buy, its at this point we can sell our selves, saving sales time having to go over this information if a competitor comes up.
Long tail keywords, such as
“The best data centre migration company in London”
“Where is the best data centre migration company in the UK”
These will almost always have no one targeting them
1.2 Negative keywords/locations.
This work will be straight fwd, I’ll look at locations we’re targeting in previous campaigns and run this by you.
Negative keywords will be an ongoing process, ill check every 72 hours.
Other wise here is a negative keywords list that we can probably implement straight away;
I’ll be giving thought to types of negative keyword modifiers such as: Negative broard match, Negative exact match, and negative phrase match

  1. Targeting
    From conversations with you and some assuptions we’re targeting
    in the following way:
    Time of day: 9 – 6
    Days of the week: Monday to Friday
    Locations: UK / France, Germany, possibly other countries I need clarification.
    Device: Desktop
    Bank holidays and holidays: Will need more consideration as to weather
    we turn these off, as we’re only charged once we get a click.
    2.2 Retargeting ads using Facebook, Linkedin.
    For people that might still be in decision mode, I’d like to see how many phone calls can be generated through retargeting ads. Facebook could be alot cheaper than Linkedin for retargeting. We can target people who clicked on “Call now / Free quote” buttons through the website.
    This is a good time to target these people with lead magnets during the ads.
    2.2 Video retargeting ads.
    This could take the form of one of the sales reps, creating a hand held selfie-style video shot on a phone talking to camera. This will have a higher likely hood of converting as people are getting numb to glossy types ads on Facebook and Linkedin.
  2. Landing page design & experience

The current landing experience could do with improvement. These improvements are being made on the new site I’m designing.

For example:

This page doesn’t require the customer to enter in their email to down- load a brochure, this is a lost opportunity, we could put the customer into an email drip campaign.
The brochure itself doesn’t include much more information than what was on the page before they downloaded it, which will raise questions in the mind of the customer as to why they are getting repeat information. James M, Rob, and myself have all been individually discussing how we can improve the brochures. I have a general design that I just need approval on, before I do final designs.
For our flagship service there are many ways that we can improve this page, Matt and James and I have had some good ideas on how we can improve, I’m trying to implement these into the new site.

  1. Copy writing
    I want to look at ad copy in more detail I’ve only had a browse over the ad copy very quickly, so im looking for words that will persuade more, and remove words that won’t persuade.
    So I’ll need to possibly write new ad copy, unless there has been ad copy testing and you’re happy with what we have.
  2. Tracking KPIs and other metrics
    Google Analytics is setup already, I want to have the following setup also: Twillio, for call volume analytics and call recording.
    The new site will have analytics on how many downloads of our
    brochures / lead magnets
    A page for each keyword people are typing in so that I can track which
    keywords are triggering a click on the call now / free quote, call to action buttons.
    Google tag manager: for keywords triggering phone calls.
    Google tag manager: Google ads conversion tag, for traffic outside of google search.
    Google ads conversion goals.
    Calendly call backs analytics – This is where we get company info to track sales won.
    Pre-qualification lead gen form analytics, Matt has also said he wants this.
    It’s important that these are setup to see what is and isn’t working to make sure we’re not wasting money on keyword that don’t produce results.
  3. Budget & bidding strategy

There are a number of bidding strategies we can choose from, that require testing over time. To start off with I’d like to run Maximise Clicks versus CPA, which I both have experience with. Later testing with, maximise conversions, Target ROAS, Target outranking share, Target search page location, and enhanced CPC.

  1. Future tests
    Creating pages in other languages and targeting these pages with language keywords such, Afrikaans, Urdo, as we have staff members with different language skills.

Google ads extensions, once we have campaigns running a month.

  1. Mitigating risks
    There is always going to be wasted ad spend, especially as we’re going up against google with some of the best engineers in the world. Thats why I’ll monitor and do tests, with noting test outcomes. Simple mistakes like making sure campaigns are turned off are easy to avoid with regular checks.
    8.1 Audience inclusion / exclusion.
    Obvious audiences we want to exclude are people such as under 18’s, possibly over 65’s, people interested in Hotels and accommodation. With our includiosn preference between people aged 24+, interested in IT.
  2. New website / email funnel

Right now Matt Clarke, James M and I are working on content for an email funnel, our first video piece is being shot on the 27th. We’re both in agreement that an email drip campaign is vital to nurturing leads and increasing profitability. I’ve previously written out an email strategy which is very close to what Matt is wanting to do. The email funnel is what I’m optimising the new site’s design/functionality around.

  1. Starting the first campaign
    Depending on how much work is approved from previously listed determines how quickly I start campaigns. If all work is approved, and this is alot of work, then I’d like to start a DC migration campaign as I’m most familiar with this service.