What are PBNs

What are PBNs

PBN stands for Private Blog Nework. Private blog network(s) simply put is a website that exists outside of your main website (money site), that links back to your money site. These PBNs are made for the express intent of manipulating Google search results. PBNs help your site rank in Google search results, the more backlinks to your site the better. Google does give penalties to sites that operate as a PBN, so these must be used with caution.

What is the difference between a PBN and a regular website.

Nothing, both could be well designed and full of content and both can have low quality design and lack content. The content on a PBN can be AI generated, copied and pasted content from another source, or just have a lot of thin content. These techniques are used to speed up the process of creating PBN’s. When you’re trying to rank your money site you want to waste the least amount of time possible creating your PBNs, thats why you might use AI generated content.

What is thin content?

Thin content is anything from 100 words to 200 words on a webpage. It’s usually content that serves little values, and most likely doesn’t help user search intent.

How much are PBNs?

PBNs range from free to 10’s of £1000’s each month depending on which niche you are in. High competition niches such as weight loss, Crypto, Gambliing, XXX, etc.. are expensive as these require a lot more content on the PBNs and backlinks to them when compared to lower competition niches like Keyring merch, local churches, or certain types of emerging technologies such as home robotic assistance, that haven’t become competitive yet.

What is a good price for a PBN?

How to tell if you are getting a good price on a PBN takes investigation

  1. Does the PBN have good metrics according to AHrefs, SEMrush or Majstic SEO. If the PBN does have good metrics then keep looking into the site.
  2. Does the site have good regular related content covering your keywords for your niche?
  3. Was the site recently acquired, or does it a have good history of being online?
  4. Using way back machine did the site ever cover another topic that isn’t niche related? If it did, this could be a bad sign. It could be a hacked site, but then again it could be just an innocent site that was previously used for a different purpose. Even so there might be a reason as to why the domain was dropped at some time in the past.
  5. Has the site got content fresh content or has it been copied from another website. Taking a page’s content into copyscape might be a good way to tell. However copy scape doesn’t always tell the whole story and won’t give you every instance content has been used somewhere on the internet.
  6. Cheape PBNs while they might sound appealing, could well end up with you getting a penalty, if Google catches you with too many PBN’s pointing at your site, your rankings are going to take a hit.

How long will it take for me to learn to make a PBN myself?

This really depends how quickly you want to learn, how quickly you want to take action. The following is you want you need to know in order to make a PBN:

  1. How to build a website
  2. Knowledge of hosting providers 
  3. How to write compelling content 
  4. How to research for create good content
  5. How to write useful content that satisfies user search intent
  6. How to do on page seo on a website 
  7. How to link building to your PBN

This seems like a short list, but all of these tasks took me years to learn. For example to learn the basics with wordpress this can easily take 6 months if you have a full time job, or another business. Getting to the point with wordpress where you have an actual functional site, that has good UX etc is very hard and take years to learn.

Where to start with making a PBN?

The place I would start when making a PBN would be to see if there are dopped domains that have good metrics. A dropped domain can be found using www.Domcop.com, and these domains where someone has let a domain expire, these are then listed on domcop. Domains are found expired all the time, sometimes people forget to pay for the domain etc.. Dropped domains can also be a bad choice because they have got a penalty from Google. The main reason to go buy a dropped domain is because they are aged, and may well have had some seo work done to them previously. Aged domains with SEO already done is something Google will want to see linking back to your site.

Using www.Waybackmachine.com you can re-create the content that used to exist on the site. Make sure you are getting content that is niche related to what you offer. Using content that used to exist on the site previously will help in creating content that hopefully isn’t duplicate content. 

What are the different types of PBN.

This is where you can start to use your imagination. All you’re looking for with the PBN is the ability to get a backlink to your site. 

News PBN

A news PBN is a site where you find a dropped domain that may have been a site for local news company. On the site you re-create all the old content. Once you have done this and the site is looking good, create someone making content about your business in a review article on the PBN. Once you have your article talking about your site, you can then put a back links to points to your money site. Making sure the site looks good well help pass a manual check from a Google employee.

Non niches related PBN

While a niche related PBNs is the ideal choice, sometimes the choices you are presented with when going through Domcop are limited. There are only so many domains with a high DR and other good metrics, which means you won’t always find a site that is niche related. So let’s say you are a plumber and you find a construction website that has been dropped. Restore all the content, then create a backlink on the home page. The sentence with your backlink will read something such as we, “We work with a number of suppliers such as XXXXXX suppliers” and this is where you would put your backlink. This has to look natural and pass a Google employee manual check.

The benefits to a PBN

You can afford to do more to the PBN and take more risks when compared to your money site.

1. You can send 1000’s of bot generated cheap links to your PBN

2. You can use spun content 

3. You can use AI generated content

While you shouldn’t really do this to your money site, taking risks on your PBN is ok, as any penalty that happens to the PBN won’t transfer to the money site, so you will be safe.