What are press releases

A press release is a story that you write that is then sent out to all the media companies:



Google news

The New York Times

The Daily mail



Business insider 


Market watch  

A press release is a communication tool that tell reporters about your business and why they need to pay attention. It’s a way for reporters to report on what is happening in the world.

A reporter looking through the press releases will hopefully pick up your story and write about you and your story. These stories will hopefully end up on one of these prestigious media company’s websites and will in theory link back to your website. More often than not, we’ve see that a reporter might see a lot of good value content in our press releases, they will then adapt it and use the content as an article that goes out on a website or newspaper. Most websites need fresh content going out all the time, so they will look through press releases for stories that they can just adapt.

Is your press release newsworthy?

Is your press release newsworthy depends on what your story is about. If you’re writing a press release about a new invention that will revolutionize communication, using the latest in biotechnology, then 100% you will get reporters breaking down your door for the story. If you’re writing a story about how you’re good at plumbing, you know how fix pipe work that is industry standard knowledge, then your press release won’t get picked up by any reporters. Low quality press release will most likely be taken down from the media company’s websites. Its important to think will the BBC like to pick up your story, if they don’t then you probably won’t get traction on your story.

Reasons to write a press release:

If you have just got funding for your new innovative company 

If you’re doing an IPO

A new product 

An up and coming trade show

A company merger

New management

When not to do a press release:

You need funding for your new company 

You’re going to a trade event

You started offering plumbing as a service

You got a 5 star review on Fiverr

How to write your press release heading:

You want to keep your press release exciting, so your head line really need to grab someones attention. There are 3 initial ways that can really help do this:

1. Use curiosity. Ever read an email subject heading and almost couldn’t resist opening the email. 

2. Use emotion. Emotion always grabs peoples attention, emotion helps us remember things, the emotion the more we can remember the event, something logical won’t grabs someones attention when compared to something emotional. 

3. Use facts. Facts create trust in the reader, even something as simple as stating the current president, a recent historical event is enough to install trust in the read. Facts such as “Oranges are the next best way to lose weight” I’m just making that up, but facts like this grab people’s attention.

What to include in the body of your press release?

What is your story about, expand on your title. Try to keep the length of the press release to no more than 400 words.

The first part of your press release should be the who, what, why, when, and where. This is where you can try to inject some emotion into your story, that really captures the reader’s attention. Just like regular copy writing your articles needs to be simple and easy to read. Don’t try and be smart with your writing by using words that people don’t usually use, because this can be confusing. Being short and clear with your message will keep your reader interested to keep reading.

Write some quotes around the story that you’re writing. Reporters often use these quotes to put into their articles to give credibility to the story, hopefully from an industry expert. 

The next part will be more more logical, when you are not getting more details and specific about your story. This is most likely going to include technical data, specifications on the product or services, the cost of the new service etc. Once your have your main press release done, now expand on this on your website, create some videos, some audio snippets etc.

The last part will be the least important information but still important, this will be contact details and social media information. 

Although I outline these very short points to think about when writing your press release there is much more to this than just great headers, your story and keeping it simple. We write 100’s of press releases each year so we know what is needed to make a good press release.

What to include when submitting a press release?

Depending on how you submit, include high resolution images of you, the product, the company logo, and any other images that are relevant to the press release. If you are able to add additional files include a microsoft .DOC as well as the PDF, this makes the life of the reporter much easier, and more inviting to write about your story.

Calling journalists and publications directly.

If you have a great relationship with a journalist or publication then this is a good time to reach out and call them, if they don’t want to pick up the story then they may know another journalist or publication who might want to pick up the story. Email them or tag them on social first, then call them. You don’t have to go to a press release agency, you can go directly. Going to a journalist or publication directly is going to cost you more time as you have to track down people to contact emails social media information etc…

How much to spend on a press release?

Spending less than £40 will most likely get in front of many of the big media company’s websites. Spending this low amount will only get you so far, there is a chance that you will be missing bigger players like the BBC, Forbes etc These companies have the biggest reach and so you want to be in front of them. If you thinking about spending more this really depends on who you want to get in front of. You can spend in excess of £500 on a press release so make sure the distribution list is worth the money.

Why do a press release, and do press release help your site's SEO?

Over and above the story being seen by millions, the hope is that you get a link pointing at your site. When the press release is submitted and it stays on the media company’s websites you will get backlinks from just doing that.

This kind of link is much more powerful than say a PBN, or a link from a website targeting low competition keywords with low metrics. This kind of link coming from a media company is very powerful. The media companies constantly have links going back to them, this SEO link juice is then passed onto your site, pushing you up in the ranking much more than an average link.