Explainer video scripts

An explainer video is a video that helps raise awareness of a product, or solution that you or your company provides. Depending on where the customers is in the buying journey determines what type of video you show them. Do you show them a more emotive video or a more logical video. Lets assume that you’re video is part of a social media campaign, going with something fun, upbeat and more emotive perhaps even humorous will keep a customers attention more if they out of funnel and arn’re in buying mode yet.

This is an opportunity for the customer to understand if they like the company, do they like the positioning, do they like the brand values etc. This isn’t a time to do hard sells on the features of the products or services that you sell.

The buying journey in some B2C and especially in B2B is usually long. In B2B sales different decision makers needs to be involved, research into what is most likely an expensive service is needed, and further in house meetings about the purchase are done. So to think that a customer will buy after a couple of minutes of watching an explainer video is a tall ask in B2B.

Alot of explainer videos mainly talk about the company, what they do, what they have achieved, with out talking about the customer, what does the customer want, what are the customer’s fears and aspirations. Its important to mention your company but in a way that relates to the customer.

Emotions sell and facts tell

B2B and B2C sales have many similarities. People buy certain car brands because of the way the brands makes them feel. People buy the IPhone every year because they like the way the brand makes them fell, i’m in the apple camp so I love all apple products, there is something about buying a mac that you feel almost loved compared to the buying experience of getting a laptop. Apple put a lot of care an attention into it products, their marketing makes you feel you’re a part of something bigger.

Apple’s marketing wasn’t always emotion based. They used to run double page spreads in the New York Times where all the ad did was talk about specs on the computer. When apple changed to it’s Think different campaign they began to a change in sales and have stuck with this ever since.

Think about the ads that you love, which one stood out the most to you? Are the ads that you remember the most more emotive or more logical. I think you’ll find that the more entertaining the ads were, the more emotional the ads were the likely you remember the ad and the brand compared to the brands that focused solely on logical selling.

In some ways Apple Macs are inferior to their PC counterpart, in that you get more for you money when buying a PC over a Mac. Mac user buy the Mac for its design aesthetic, how the brand makes them feel, and many other features they prefer over PCs. 


When discussing your company using an old technique call FAB, which is a feature advantage and benefit.

“We’ve been doing SEO for 15 years + now, which means we comes across alot of challenges, which means you can have confidence in our services”

Read your copy writing out loud

When writing your Video explainer script, reading out loud your script will help you understand does this read well, would someone understand me if I were speaking like this to them. Often we write differently to how we speak, remember you’re talking to your potential customer so you need to come across as authentic.

A fresh pair eyes

When I’ve written a script, I find that giving your self some time to forget about the script then reread what you’ve written a week later, can help you analyze it differently, pick out errors, rewrite what doesn’t sound right, or add to what has been already written.

Market research

Researching your customers will help you understand:

What are the customer’s aspirations 

What are the customer’s fears

What does the customer want from you

What do they want from a brand that they do business with

How old they are

Are they the decision makers 

Who are the decision makers

What problems are they dealing with 

How do they talk 

What phrases do they use

What demographic are they 

By answering or responding to these character traits in your customers, this helps you connect with them. If the customer things they have been listened to then they are more likely to keep watching and more likely to buy from you.

Your call to action

So once your customer has watches your video the next logical conclusion is that you ask your customer to do something, this might be:

Click on the link to get more valuable information 

Call the number on screen to speak to one of our sales reps

Click on the links to watch the webinar

Call to action question.

If we could make your digital transition much more efficient would you be interested in finding out more, if so click on the link in description to find out more.