Free Facebook Training for Real, Organic Followers

Collaborate with us and boost your online presence today!

Discover the power of Facebook paid ads with our FREE training video. We’re not asking for your money – we’re looking to collaborate with you backlinking to our website in exchange for free Facebook ads training.

We will share our expertise and you will gain valuable skills in return. You can charge your clients for what we teach you. Don’t miss this opportunity to boost your online presence and drive traffic to your site. Fill out the form, to show your interest. We will not be adding your email to our data base, so don’t expect spam emails in future.


What exactly will I learn in this Facebook training?
Training consists of a simple Facebook Video

Is this training suitable for beginners or advanced users?
This is for beginners

What is the duration of the training?
Less than 1 hour

Do I need any prior experience with Facebook ads or marketing to participate in this training?

Will I be learning how to grow my Facebook page with paid advertising only or with a combination of paid and organic methods?
This I only paid, with only a small amount of organic

Is the training program available worldwide or only in specific countries?
World wide

Can I use the strategies taught in the training program for any niche or industry?

How will I receive feedback on my progress throughout the program?
No feedback given

Can I ask questions and get clarification during the training program?
Sure but there is no support for this training, how ever if common questions are being asked, a page will be made answering questions

Will this training teach me how to grow my Facebook page organically or with paid methods?

Are there any additional costs associated with the training?
The only cost is how much you want to spend on Ads to grow your Facebook page

How many followers can I expect to gain after completing the training?
This is dependent on a number of factors, the type of ad creative you choose, the targeting etc.

Will I receive any support or assistance during the training?
There is no support

How can I access the training materials and resources?
All training is in one video, that you will get access to once we complete our business deal agreement

Is this training available for a limited time or can I access it anytime in the future?
This is limited, no not one of the spammy marking tactics, we genuinely don’t want to offer this to every one.

Will I receive any support or guidance on writing the guest post?
For common questions, we will update a page with videos explaining what we can. Please don’t expect support this with this, as the processes are quite simple as far as ad setting goes.

How can I submit the guest post once it’s completed?
Ideally we would write out an article on a subject with a focus on digital marketing.

Are there any specific requirements to be eligible for the training program?
Only that you give us a back link from your website, or another website in the marketing niche

What do you want in exchange for the training?
We just want to have a guest post on your site that links back to our site.

When and how do i get the training?
Once we have agreed on how we will get a backlink, then you will receive a link and password.