Influencers SEO campaigns 

This is one of the more exciting types of SEO campaigns you can do. Influencer SEO campaigns involve contacting someone of value in your niche and asking them to post something about you on their social media profile. The types of posts they would make could include: 


For example:

Videos on SEO

Articles on SEO

Infographic on SEO

Social media posts on SEO

Podcast on SEO


So how do you find them?

Well, you might already know who they are. In that case, look them up on social media and start talking to them. If you don’t know who they are or are looking for more influencers, then Buzzsumo is a good choice. It really depends on where you want your traffic to come from, which will determine which site you go to find an influencer. There are also sites specifically for influencers that only use Instagram, and other social platforms so search them. However, keep in mind that influencers with large followings, such as Snoop Dogg, may not be appropriate for all types of businesses, such as a plumbing business.


Additionally, you can use our database of over 4 million people that use social media to search for influencers on your behalf. However, note that this service is usually a paid service, but we’ll search it for your for free.


Shout outs

Shouts are another terminology to describe influencer campaigns. 


Where can I can get influencers to post my stuff?

Pretty much anywhere on the web. In a way, we have all turned into walking marketing agencies. When you have a huge following, people will come to you to ask you to endorse their product. Here are a few places you can find influencers to do shout outs for you:


Instagram shout outs, and influencers

Twitter shout outs, and influencers

Facebook shout outs, and influencers 

Facebook Group shout outs, and influencers

Youtube shout outs, and influencers

Tik Tok shout outs, and influencers

Email shout outs, and influencers

Website shout outs, and influencers

Linkedin shout outs, and influencers 

Discord shout outs, and influencers

Telegram group shout outs, and influencers

Whatsapp group shout outs, and influencers


How much does it cost for shout outs from influencers?

Like most questions in marketing and SEO, the cost of an influencer shout-out “depends.” For example, in 2019, someone like Snoop Dogg might have cost around $1,200 for a shout-out, but his popularity may have grown since then, and so has the cost. However, an influencer with a smaller following, such as 1000 followers on Instagram, may only charge $10 for a shout-out.


Can I get Free shoutouts from influencers?

Yes, it’s possible to negotiate with influencers and offer something in exchange for their services. For example, if you’re promoting a new energy drink, you can offer an influencer a commission on any sales made as a result of their shout-out. If you own a restaurant, you might also offer an influencer free food in exchange for a shout-out.


How do I choose an Influencer for short-outs? 

There is a no quick way to find an influencers I’m afraid, it take some investigating and tests before you can find one that really works for you. With regards to costs you have to weight it up, is spending 1000’s on SEO and marketing wroth it, when you can spend the same amount on an influencer. Answering a question like this is very difficult because it depends on so many different factors. 


Does the influencers influcnece in your geographic area?

Influencers in a specific region, such as a London influencer, will be best suited for promoting regional businesses like restaurants, bars, nightclubs, etc.


Influencers with a wider geographical audience will appeal more to someone selling merchandise such as clothes, tech, food, or services that reach a global audience. There are almost no limits to how you can use influencers in your campaigns.


Does you influencers have followers that actually have money to spend?

If you’re wanting to sell marketing services in London, and you pick an influencer that appeals to children, then this probably isn’t the right audience.


Is the influencers relevant to your niche?

Promoting a sports brand that sells trainers, then asking gaming influencers to do shout-outs for you probably isn’t the right audience. Gamers in general spend a lot of time at home playing games; they’re not likely to be big gym-goers.


Does your influencers’s audience demographics match your customer persona?

Does your influencer mainly have an audience of men aged 50 and over, but you’re promoting the latest Call of Duty game? Again, this isn’t going to be the best audience.


Is your influencer authentic, or are they just posting shout-out after shout-out every day?

If the influencer you’re considering promotes products every day, this could be a sign that they may not be the right person to promote with. They might have a lot of bot accounts following them that have no intention of buying. The price for this influencer is likely to be low, which means you will probably be wasting your money.


Does your influencer have a good engagement rate?

If not, you should consider looking for another influencer. Influencers that have a large following but low engagement could mean that people don’t like their content and are effectively not following them anymore, which means your reach with them will be very low.


Does your influencer post decent content that doesn’t resonate with their followers?

They might have had good content at one point, which got them to where they are now, but now their content is poor.


Does the influencer have a lot of bot accounts? 

Looking through your influencer’s followers may show that they have a lot of bot accounts. However, just because an account looks like they have no activity, this doesn’t always mean that they are a bot account. For example, men who follow certain types of model accounts on Instagram might not use their own accounts to follow them, as it might be seen as softcore pornography.


Brand alignment and your chosen influencer: 

Make sure you’re okay with what the person is posting. Are they aligning with a particular politician that you deem divisive for your audience? Are they posting incendiary content that could backfire on your audience? For example, Kanye West recently made anti-Semitic comments which led to Adidas cutting ties with him, citing that the company “does not tolerate anti-Semitism and any other sort of hate speech.”


Social media ads versus influencer shout-outs:

There comes a point where spending $1,200 for one shout-out isn’t worth it when compared with what $1,200 can get you with social media ads. For example, for $1,200, you can get thousands of followers that you can advertise to over and over again. Setting up social media ads allows you to have the greatest targeting capabilities when it comes to advertising. Forget having to check through an influencer’s bot accounts, the amount of work involved might not pay off and you’ll only know this once you’ve paid and tracked everything.